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Alchemy is the premier mobile aggregator for the West African region. We have direct connections to all the mobile networks across the Gambia, Senegal and Sierra Leone.
Our services and simple tools make it simple for any business or government department to create, launch and pay for mobile campaigns, notices and alerts.
But Alchemy wasn't always in the business of voice and messaging.
We began as a wholesaler of ground and cashew nuts across the Gambia. We developed a large network of suppliers, retailers and customers – and soon realised the only way to communicate effectively with this diverse group was via the mobile phone.
This wasn't easy. We didn't want to approach mobile networks ourselves. We wanted someone else to sell us a service so we could send messages in bulk. Such an intermediary didn’t exist.
We figure that, if we were looking for help, then surely so were others. That seemed like a gap in the market.
Our CEO Malick M Dibba is a talented programmer. He set out to solve this business problem. He developed software, which helped us to send mobile messages from a web dashboard.
Alchemy was born.
In the years since, we have evolved our product range to support businesses of different sizes and with different needs.
We now work with the region’s largest service providers, government departments and enterprise customers. Our experienced team can help you…
  • Send bulk messages for marketing, authentication and customer care
  • Move your voice calls to the cloud
  • Host and set up a shortcode
  • Install telco APIs so you can run your own activity
  • Plan and design your network
  • Set best practices and project governance
  • Establish repeatable processes
  • Supply proprietary purpose-built tools
  • Advise on upgrading existing networks

Speak to the team!

Alchemy is a UK Limited Company (also registered in The Gambia). It is owned and managed by Kim Buller and Malick M Dibba.

Contact us at


Atlantic Boulevard,
Cape Point,
The Gambia
Tel: (+220) 7796665