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With a text message or a voice call, you can reach all of your customers all of the time. You can also use these channels for customer care, promotions or even revenue-generating content services. Whatever your business objective, Alchemy has a telco product for you. Let's dive in…

Send SMSs from our Web dashboard

A broadcast text message service lets you send bulk SMS messages (similar to an email blast, but on a different channel) to all your contacts and or groups. SMS broadcasts allow you to segment and send mass text messages to thousands of people who’ll read and act on your messages, whether the texts are informational, educational, or promotional.

Considering users open 90% of texts, you can use SMS broadcasts to get your message in front of people who might otherwise ignore it on other channels.

Register by clicking the registration button in the top right of our page and we will send you an activation code to start across all your countries networks.


Record Voice SMS from Web Dashboard

Use voice to make sure you reach customers who cannot read SMS messages.

Text is an excellent medium, but it does exclude those who have not learned to read. For this group of customers, there’s IVR voice in local languages. Use Alchemy's IVR platform to ensure customers can listen to, rather than read, your messages.

Send SMSs from your own systems

Install Alchemy's telco APIs to send bulk texts on your terms…

You can take control of your own text campaigns and alerts - thanks to Alchemy's APIs.

When you install these telco APIs, you get to open up a link between your customer databases and mobile networks. This means you can send and receive messages from inside your own business applications.

Real time SMS notifications are one of the most trusted customer service tools

Alchemy APIs save you time and money and frees up your staff for more productive work.


Get a short code for two-way messaging

Secure a 4-digit code to make it easy for consumers to find you…

If you would like your customers to contact you via text, you will require a short code. Short codes are usually 4 digits. They are easier to remember and advertise than a long number.

Short codes are mainly used for services such as:

  • Feedback and information
  • Music requests
  • Text-to-win competitions
  • Polls and Services
  • Interactive voting

Alchemy can help you acquire your own short code or provide you with an Alchemy short code for long or short durations. Alchemy will send you reports at the end of your campaigns or upon request.


Switch your business calls to IP telephony

Millions of businesses are changing the way they make calls. They are switching from ‘traditional’ analogue calling to telephony that runs over the internet. They have plenty of reasons to do so: VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems are more affordable, flexible and scalable.

If you want to upgrade your on-premise telephony system to VoIP calling, you will need a SIP Trunk. It will connect your company’s phone system to the public network. Once installed, your team will be able to make cloud-based voice calls, manage CRMs, provide support ticketing for customer services, enable sales and marketing solutions, improve conversational engagement and support enterprise service management.

Alchemy is currently offering SIP trunks, as well as APIs that can connect all your existing software cloud solutions. And we can set you up quickly. There is just a one-off SIP connection charge, a small maintenance fee and a monthly invoice for all incoming and outgoing calls.

For more information about the software products and services Alchemy is now offering please contact us.

Advice and consulting

Alchemy can offer advice on what to change and how to make it work for you…

It can be a big step to launch into mobile marketing and customer care - or move to cloud-based voice calling.

There are big decisions to be made around tech, governance, budgets, business processes, staffing and more.

Alchemy can help. We already work with the region's largest service providers and enterprise customers. Our experienced team can help you…

  • Maximise your investment
  • Plan and design your network
  • Set best practices and project governance
  • Establish repeatable processes
  • Supply proprietary purpose-built tools
  • Advise on upgrading existing networks